Selling or renting slipform finishing machine with sliding formwork

If you're looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution for the construction of concrete pavements and structures, slipform is the solution for you. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, slipform allows you to create pavements of various sizes, ensuring superior quality compared to traditional casting techniques.

With an advanced control system, it enables you to achieve precise and homogeneous pavements and structures without the risk of errors or imperfections

Slipform requires a limited number of operators, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. Moreover, thanks to its flexibility, it allows you to create customized pavements and structures, adapting to the specific needs of your project.

Our slipform is available in different configurations to meet the requirements of any construction site. Thanks to its versatility, it allows you to create pavements for parking lots, warehouses, airports, ports, bridges, dams, and many other applications.

Contact us for more information and discover how our technology can make a difference for your project.

Slipform concrete paver. Sale or rental ready to use.

Wirtgen SP-850 - Powes Pavers SF-3000

Tel: +39 0924 921248

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